Das Licht

06. August, 2009, 15:08
Very beautiful, I can really feel the emotion contained in this picture!

06. August, 2009, 15:08
Whoa, I really like how this turned out! The mood was conveyed really well. (= Congrats!

13. August, 2006, 15:08
i love the way you used the strokes of the pencils
22. Januar, 2006, 9:39
OH MY GOD....i love this picture!!! this is the coolest shit. wow your mind is working over time, and i love it! great concept, and great composition!!!
22. Januar, 2006, 1:35
Fantastic work with the light!! Like it, like it!!
 3. Feb, 2005, 9:43

 this picture is fantastic. i really get a feeling of darkness all around - in an almost creepy lost sence but that warm refuge where the man and little creature are standing feels gooey and cozy in comparrison. i would say
 you probably could have thrown in a few more tone variations but i think the way you did it probably  makes it look more expressive (better in my opinon then realistic). great job!