The Beginning

09. Dezember, 2007
Great idea and execution. My next favorite.
08. Dezember, 2007, 19:29
как всегда что-то прекрасное :-)
спасиб :-)
08. Dezember, 2007, 07:27
Какая досада, что это действительно выглядит как небо и зеленый космический корабль. Буду считать, что они долго целовались у батареи... А вообще картиночка нравится.
06. Dezember, 2007
That is the most modern ilustration of the conception I have seen!!
One of your best!
Excellent work!.....great colors! marks!
06. Dezember, 2007, 22:39
а мне нравится,
тут и фантазия, и композиция и четкость линий
06. Dezember, 2007
Very interesting as usual. Love that unique style.
05. Dezember, 2007
i love this piece!. it describes the beginning of life with a twist.
instead of using organic material for the egg and sperm, you used
mechanical parts. however, although you have the machinery as the egg
and sperm, you still have the fallopian tube walls still as organic.
i believe what you are trying to state here is that although we are
organic beings, that our basic unit of life that starts us is cant be
changed, aka it works like a machine. basically by saying this you
say without the egg and sperm, the mechanics of life cant occur, so
if one is not present, the machine would not work. overall great
piece with a great message